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Sunday, May 29, 2011


As you can see, we've invented a new word called "shath". The definition of this word is: A bath and shower all in one. You would turn on the faucet, close the drain and lay down in the bathtub.
You have to lay down because the shower head is at waist height. When the bath has about 2" of water in it, you put the shower head into the water, turn the shower head on and the faucet off, then like a shower, but you hold the showerhead over you and wash your hair. You then place the showerhead back in the water and clean your body, praying you don't lose the soap bar in the mucky water! When the shath is done, turn off the showerhead like a shower and drain the bathtub as if you were in the bath, but you weren't you were taking a shath.
Again, photos aren't working tonight, so will hopefully add photo later.
Hunter (very clean)

1 comment:

  1. Nathaniel,
    Great writing! I can picture you and Hunter taking a shath and getting cleaned up. Can't wait to see the pictures but thinking of a shath will always make me laugh.

    Love, Nana