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Friday, May 13, 2011

Enjoying Venice

We had an interesting trip from Milan to Venice. We got shaken down by the Trenitalia train conductor because we hadn't validated our ticket - something you must do if you don't have a reserved seat. The inital ask was for 201 Euro. Finally we relented after our protests and asked for 20 Euro and proceeded to provide us a reciept for 10! He then made his way to the next group of tourists who had made the same mistake. Very interesting.

Our VRBO apartment in the Jewish Ghetto is awesome. We will provide a review when we check out, but so far have nothing but good things to report - other than the price, but what do you expect on an island dominated by tourists.

Another thing we learned is that the city of Venice offers a Web site that has discount if you book just a few days in advance. So far, I would definitely recommend the wireless pass if you are near any of the areas that it covers. It is much cheaper than the hotels and other providers I have checks. Also the Museum pass seems like a no brainer - not as much of a discount, but it is unlikely you would make it here and not visit these places.

We are off to Bologna on Sunday.

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