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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life in Roma

We have been extremely busy seeing the sites and spending time doing as the Romans do. When in Rome...

We continue to be blessed by short lines and great travel tips. We have seen many important sites - Trevi Fountain (better at night), the Colosseam, the Pantheon, St. Peters. Yesterday we saw the Pope's address and even attended mass at St. Peter's - an amazing experience.

The Boys were excited to see Raphael's "School of Athens" in person and learn more about the work. The Sistine Chapel was amazing but the crowd was crazy. I couldn't imagine being here in the summer.

Our apartment has been noisy and there has been some adjustment to the bathroom situation - Hunter promises to include more on this later.

After finding plentiful WiFi in Milan, Venice, Bologna and Firenze, the public WiFi has disappeared and our apartment has no Internet. The whole team is looking forward to getting better connected at the next stop.


  1. Good to hear an update - I am so happy that the trip is going well - what an amazing journey! Where is the next stop?

  2. Hey - glad to see the Verbecks posting again and glad the trip is going well! Sounds like you are having lots of fun and seeing all the best spots.

  3. wait - is that a Peroni? Life is good.

  4. Ok, after many attempts to post, I will try again. I am salivating reading all of your food posts. I love the food there! It is amazing! Would you still be anywhere near the North in late July? If I can get all these places sold, yours included, I will go to Cagli, Pesaro...Pie in the Sky maybe. Your boys are going to be so wordly when they get back that Redwood City isn't going to know what to do with them!!! Koehler kid, pshaw.