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Monday, May 16, 2011


If you've read the book "Eat, Pray, Love" you'll know we are eating our weight a day in food in Italy! It's Crazy! You cannot walk enough to walk off the pasta, bread and Gelato! The food here is amazing, yet I look at the Italians and think "they are not eating what I am eating to look like that." Fashion is amazing here and Nathaniel summed it up best today, he said, "the shops look like musems" and so do the men and women. Tomorrow (Mark's birthday) we leave for Florence for three days.

We had an amazing dinner and need to fall asleep in a food coma.
The picture posted today is of the "red city", Bologna. They call it the red city because of the roofs of all the houses. It's not as hard to navigate as Venice, but still not easy.



  1. Joanne, judging from the photo at the airport, your boys are growing so fast that the food is probably doing them some good. glad your having fun!

  2. They barely eat!! Even though the Euro is stronger than the American dollar, Americans still have alot more cash on average. People there were shocked to see Americans put it down! And they take it for granted....Lucky you.