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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Staying in a 13th Century building and you can hear everything happening in the streets! Florence is beautiful, by far the most beautiful so far. We saw Michaelangelo's "David" yesterday and thousands of other men with rippling muscles-but the question I really need answered is, "Did the warriors really go into battle nude?" If so, I keep waiting to see the statue with his thing cut off- they always have swords in hand!
Seriously, the history, buildings, and churches are amazing. A little burned out on Renissance art today, so we went to see Galileo's thumb, fore finger and middle finger preserved in a jar! Oh yeah, and all the science stuff he did.
Fortunately I was readying the boys 7th grade history book before we left for the trip so I can keep up with them on all the things we are seeing. We were walking in a church with a marble floor from the 12th century-it is beautiful.
Still trying to decide if we are going to Pisa or Siena for one day tomorrow before going to Rome on Sunday for a week.

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