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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We have been having a great time in Paestum (PASTE-oom). Paestum is a resort town in southern Italy with incredible Greek ruins - and the tourist haven't shown up yet, but the weather is awesome. We found a great little resort, Oleandri Resort, which is a across from the Sea, has pool, and breakfast is included. It was a great rest from the hard-core sightseeing in Rome, so we are hopefully reenergized for our next leg which will be a bit tougher. We are off to Pompeii for a day and then catch a train which gets us to the Rome airport at 11:30 PM for our 6:40 AM flight to Greece. We had originally planned to travel to Bari on Italy's west coast and then take a Ferry, but the logisitics proved too challenging and we found a inexpensive flight on EasyJet, so we are doing this Amazing Race style.

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