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Thursday, June 16, 2011


On our trip to the pyramids in Giza, to beat the heat, we decided to travel by horse. I noticed it was kind of weird when I was sneezing about 10 times every 30 seconds, but I thought it was a common allergy. When we got through the Tourist Police gate, I noticed that my breathing wasn't 100%. I told my Dad, "Maybe I am allergic to my horse," not thinking it was true. My breathing continued to get worse and I began to feel bumps on my body. We stopped the horses, got off and I walked in front of the horses with my mom and dad switching off walking with me. I didn't feel any better, so the guide called to have a car come pick me up. We bought some antihistamines and an inhaler at the pharmacy and I felt better soon after. It took longer for me to look better.

It is hard to stay away from horses here in Egypt because everyone is offering carriage rides. In fact, yesterday when we visited Horus' temple in Edfu, the only way to get there was by carriage. I had to ride the whole way with my shirt covering my face.

I hope to encounter more horsepower than horse power on the remainder of the trip.


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