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Monday, June 20, 2011

Banana Boat

Today all we had planned was a twenty minute banana boat ride which I did not think was going to be very hard. Little did I know there would be no way to keep myself from falling. I really wasn't ready for the turn that flipped the boat over because when we started, they told us you couldn't go fast without 4 people. We began the ride and it was fairly easy and we could stand up or take both of our hands off. Then I noticed that the ride was getting tougher as we went along until Bam, we made a tight enough turn and did a barrel roll upside down and had no choice but to let go from the bottom. We also figured out getting on wasn't the easiest thing either. After a failed attempt, we were able to get back on and continue our ride. The next time we flipped, we were better prepared. We will try to post our first video of this later.
I didn't know someone could drive a banana boat so skilfully.

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