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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Egyptian Jewlery/Tea time in Bedoin Village

After giving away my ring and earrings to some fabulous women in Athens one night after sharing some drinks,( we traded jewlery). Mark took me shopping on the streets of Hurghada for a new diamond ring and watch. We made a new friend at the jewlery shop.
Today, we took a 40 minute flight to Sharm  el Sheikh where we took a taxi to Dahab. Our taxi driver was Bedoin and their custom is to take us to tea, so our 1 hour trip took a detour not authorized by us where we had tea with our taxi drivers family. There were no windows in the home, no furniture, goats in the back yard and in the middle of nowhere. Our taxi driver then proceeded to get out his Bedoin tobacco (mary jane) and wanted to share with us. Mark told him he thought he should not do that and drive us 100km! he bragged that he does it all the time and can even drive 5 hours to Cairo! Given the winding roads and the speed at which he drove and the police check points, we were absolutely thrilled he did not have Bedoin tobacco.
currently we are in Dahab on our way to climb Mt. St. Catherines tomorrow where Moses talked to the burning bush and we can see Mt. Sinai where Moses received the 10 commandments. This is a BEAUTIFUL place. Egypt is truly amazing and a beautiful place.



  1. No furniture, but did I spy a really old computer in the background? Glad the taxi driver decided to forgo the weed, but I'm confused about the picture and the jewelry. Looks familiar to me... was this some sort of test to see if we were messing with the Bedouin tobacco?

  2. The right ring and the D&C watch are all new. Yes that is D&C not D&G. Hunter is collecting examples of trademark infringement and will hopefully post on it soon.