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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Ancients - Delphi and Mycanae

The past couple days found us visiting ancient sites in Delphi, home of Apollo's temple and the Oracle, and Mycanae, home of an ancient culture thought to be the Greeks of Homer's tales. Given that we have been reading Homer, it was great to come face to face with these sites. The stones in Mycanae were so large that the Greeks thought it must have been built by Cyclops. We had seen many of the Mycanae treasures in Athens so it was fun to put this all together.

Yesterday was  a beach day and today we are back off to Athens. We decided to skip the Greek Islands for now for several reasons 1) some big event this weekend 2) no tours that did exactly what we wanted 3) a desire to beat the heat in the Middle East and 4) to leave time for a possible Red Sea R&R trip.

So we are catching a flight to Cairo tonight. Talk to you from there.

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  1. Great pictures! the size of the stones oremind me of some of the older ruins I saw in Peru.